Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Repo on 926 Van Dyke

Here's a pic of the inside of the a Van Dyke Street home in Laguna that I saw on a foreclosure list. Looks like an old house, but it could be nice. It is a 4 bd and only 1600 sq. ft. The old listing on the MLS only had one picture of the property, so I bet the place is not too pleasing to the eye.

This home was listed last year for $1.699M and was previously bought in 2005 for $1.350M.
The minimum bid required for the auction is over 1.5M, so this one will soon be owned by Washington Mutual, the lien holder. My hunch is that this home comes back on the MLS at $1.1M. I'll try to take a look at it after it comes back on the MLS.

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Swim Mistress said...

Van Dyke is a very nice street and the homes have wonderful ocean views. The banks have to start getting real and price their REOs to move to get them off the books. It's not 2006 anymore.