Thursday, May 22, 2008

Existing Home Prices To Continue Decline Well into 2011

Ivy Zellman is Mr. Blue's favorite housing analyst. She's got Wall Street cred and a track record of predicting things that will happen. Tells the home market future, she does.

In her most recent article in Builder magazine, entitled False Hope, Ivy says the worst is yet to come and, most significantly, existing home price declines will continue into 2011. This is quite different from the local Laguna Beach real estate agents, most of who are talking upturn this year. Of course, most couldn't hold a candle to Ivy, so I listen with amusement. I feel sorry for their clients who may put their life savings on the line buying a house for the wrong price. Ivy knows her stuff. And this stuff says Laguna Beach home prices will continue to fall.


Anonymous said...

I grew up in the ABH neighborhood in Laguna. Am not at all surprised to see these inferior homes selling for half the asking price. I remember the walls were so thin in my house on Katella I could hear my neighbors when they would take dumps in the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

Is Ivy a hottie in that picture, or is it just me? :-)