Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Top Of The World 37% Price Reduction

Top of the World (TOW) is a great family neighborhood in Laguna Beach. It is located far up on coastal mountain adjacent to downtown Laguna Beach. It features its own sought-after elementary school located right in the neighborhood. Home values in TOW have been impacted in a big, big way.

Take 3241 Rimcrest Circle, Laguna Beach, for example. A 2400 square foot home in pretty good condition. Listed for sale at about $1,600,000, it sold for only $1,009,000! This is a huge 37% drop from the listing price to the sale price. Laguna Beach home prices continue to weaken in a big way, as evidenced by this sale - at only $420 per square foot.


Anonymous said...

That is amazing for Laguna. Let those price drops continue!

Anonymous said...

This isn't a legit sale.