Monday, May 25, 2009

Cartoon House - Now Asking $1.2M - Down 57%

In December 2007, I identified this listing as ridiculously overpriced at $2,800,000.
Nailed this one. At 940 Hillcrest in Laguna Beach, it hasn't sold and is now listed at $1,200,000, a whopping 57% reduction in asking price. Of course, that is still a lot for a CARTOON HOUSE.
Presumably, this property is being sold for the value of the lot. Nonetheless, I think the term CARTOON HOUSE fits in just fine with the snake oil most Laguna Beach and Newport Beach real estate agents are selling.

Barton Rollert of Coldwell Banker has this listing. Rollert's credibility is scraping bottom since the past listing for this property asked for $2,800,000, and obviously this was way, way off the real value.

Barton, can I buy your CARTOON HOUSE with CARTOON MONEY?

This shows how much trouble a buyer could get into by giving any weight whatsoever to a Coldwell Banker list price. If someone would have paid $2,800,000, or anything close, we now know that the buyer would have been stuck with at least a $1,600,000 loss based on the present list price.....

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Anonymous said...

I watched this house for a while... 1.2M for the lot is still to high. Hillcrest is a busy street and the view is somewhat obscured by a large tree.