Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cyrstal Cold

Crystal Cove?  More like Crystal Cold.  What do you mean, you ask?  Simple.  The geography of Crystal Cove - a hillside close to the ocean -  results in a microclimate of cold temperatures and sometimes fog.  In my opinion, that cold ocean breeze just dominates. Even during sunny summer days.

Have you ever looked at the beautiful real estate listing photos of the back yards in Crystal Cove overlooking the ocean?  It would be easy to assume that these homes would enable a perfect warm California beach lifestyle.  Think again.  Good thing for the real estate agents and sellers that you can't tell what the temperature is from a photo.  What good is such a backyard if you need a heater to enjoy it or just stay indoors to avoid the cold?  This isn't the recipe for a very good place to have a vacation home, unless you want to vacation in August.  The winter months in Crystal Cove are pretty cold.  The California lifestyle is build around the outdoors and warmth.  Not easy to align this ideal with my views about Crystal Cove.  

I've been to numerous open houses in Crystal Cove and not once has any agent mentioned this to me.  

In addition to the frigidity problem, there are other things a buyer would want to know about Crystal Cove.  So let's get into a review of Crystal Cove.
First, for an super upscale neighborhood, it doesn't have many amenities.  Sure it has a clubhouse with a gym and a pool.  But the clubhouse has no bar or food service.  Huh?  Further the neighborhood doesn't really have many events that would be a draw.  There is one Saturday concert in the park each summer featuring a local band (there used to be more).  There is one other barbecue in the park during the summer.   Other events at the clubhouse typically draw only a small crowd and are nothing special.  For parents, the association doesn't even run "parent's night out" programs where parents can drop the little ones off for a few hours at the clubhouse.  They do run a Christmas program for the kids, movie nights for kids and parents, as well as an Easter egg hunt at the park, but again, these are pretty run of the mill type events.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Mr. Blue could not qualify on his W-2 for a loan to buy a home in Krystal Cove...

Better luck next time..

Mr. Blue said...

Readers, I suspect that the anon post above is from one of the area's real estate agents. As you can see from irrelvance of the anon comment, their preference is to state things that simply are irrelevant rather than have an intelligent discussion on facts that effect the value of real estate. Remember this if you are in the market. What ever your agent tells you, cross examine him or her and make your own determination as to your course of action. Remember, each party of a sale transaction pays a whopping 3% for their services. A rip off in my opinion