Thursday, February 28, 2008

Open House Carnage in Newport Coast

We decided to check out some open houses in Newport Coast a few Sundays ago. I witnessed a crazy situation, but more about that later.

One of our purposes was also to see how many kids are in the neighborhoods in the area. We want to get into a neighborhood that has a lot of kids so our kids have some playmates. Anyone have thoughts on Newport Coast for that?

In any event, we stopped at the house at 8 wayside. It turns out that it is a disappointingly small two story house given its $3.79M asking price. The view was nice.

But get this.

I come out of the house to get back into my car...and...

The owner of the house is out front with the garage door open and his Ferrari PINK SLIP out, trying to SELL his car to somebody. Sell Sell Sell, economic times must be tough at 8 Wayside. I think I'll just wait for this one to go REO before I even think about making an offer. (In my mind, it is a $2M house.)

We saw a few kids out and about in this neighborhood, but only a few. This did not inspire confidence.


Swim Mistress said...

Blue, my folks live in Laguna, but they sometimes take a walk in Newport Coast after having lunch at that cafe near the Trader Joe's in Newport Coast. They say they never see ANYONE, not to mention children, during these walks. Strange. Who lives in those overpriced tract homes, anyway?

cadaigo said...

I live in newport coast and there are a ton of kids.
(I have 4 myself) We live closer to the 73. I can not speak for Crystal cove. (Near Trader Joes.) I just had this conversation with someone from Port streets in newport. They were saying that the grade school in newport ridge was the fastest growing in enrollment for the entire area.