Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why I Can't Live in Irvine

In the last few months, my family has had considerable debate about where to live. Community, schools, location, etc.

There's one thing I can't stand. Homeowner Associations that get out of control. There's a well meaning kid in Northpark in Irvine who's been singled out by some people who clearly are deranged and have too much time on their hands.

I'd welcome his family as neighbors any time, with one blue van or even two.
I've always been reluctant for some reason to consider living in the over-regulated stripmall sameness of Irvine. Now I'm firmly decided - avoid Irvine!!!!!

Read about it here.


Swim Mistress said...

Look at what happened to 925 Park Avenue and you won't have to live in Irvine:

Re your December 10, 2007 post about 925 Park Avenue in Laguna Beach:

Previous Sale: $1,250,000 in June 2005
Listed in February 2007 for $1,375,000
Price Reduced: 03/17/07 -- $1,299,999
Price Reduced: 08/25/07 -- $1,199,999
Price Reduced: 11/26/07 -- $1,090,000

THIS PROPERTY FINALLY SOLD February 5, 2008: $1,025,000

Still too much money, but the market is changing if you're watching.

zovall said...

Hi there Mr. Blue,

One of our readers suggested we contact you. Can you please send me an email?