Monday, July 20, 2009

LA Times: High End Home Values Continue To Fall

This blog is about single family homes in Laguna and Newport. No matter what shape or size, they are all high end compared to the OC average home prices. In a recent article the LA times analyzed Dataquick's June statistics and the news on high end homes was not pretty:
"Although prices have firmed at the low end of the market, they are still falling in affluent communities, the home sales data released by MDA DataQuick on Wednesday show.

The high-end market did not suffer the rapid shock of subprime mortgage defaults and foreclosures that hammered the housing market's lower end. Sales stagnated as wealthier sellers held out for higher prices.

Now, however, some sellers "are realizing the market's not going to just bounce back" and are starting to sell homes for less than they had recently hoped to get."

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