Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Laguna Letdown - Housing Prices Flat & Sales Sinking Marketwide - OC Register

More details at the OC Register, but in short, the housing market continued to struggle against fierce headwinds last month, losing ground in the face of tightfisted lenders and edgy buyers.

The median price of an Orange County home – or price at the midpoint of all sales – fell to $438,000 last month, housing tracker MDA DataQuick reported Tuesday.

Last month's median price also fell $12,000 from the 2010 high of $450,000 reached in May and July. That means that all the price gains of the past year have virtually evaporated.


Anonymous said...

29 Tideline Bluff in Crystal Cove....SOLD....owner made a cool and nice 1 million dollars on his nice investment since 2004.

Thats a 43% return on cash. Of course he was probably nicely leveraged so his ROI is much larger.

I wonder how much you made Blue at the BofA for the last 6 years? or maybe in a mutual fund?
Let me know.

Anonymous said...


SOLD...another one.....


Looks like your prediction is all wrong....

Whats wrong Blue? Did you miscalculate?
823 per sq ft. is above 2003 prices.

Your FOX news version of Crystal Cove still remains great entertainment for me and my buddies as we enjoy some nice chunky salsa at Javiers.

Maybe next time, you can meet us for an ice cream cone over at Pinkberry. We can tell/show/prove to you how far off you are in your ideas.

In the meantime, keep up the good work, as you continue to lament, we continue to close deals.

Mr. Blue said...

Anon, you can make up any facts you want and continue to lose credibility. I've always focused on the present value of the market and what the data indicates could happen in the near future. You on the other hand seem to think that there is some moral high ground merely from the commission checks that you receive. I don't see it.

Having a plan to keep money for the past 6 years in BofA? Keep making up things i've never said.

The home sales merely tell me that Crystal Cove homes could have further to fall. But clearly there are two buyers who have accepted the risk.....