Saturday, November 20, 2010

Recent Sales Weigh on 26 Cruisers Bluff

26 Cruisers Bluff, for sale at $5,300,000, is a White Sails model built by Taylor Woodrow in 2004.  It has 4 bedrooms and is about 5000 square feet and has very nice ocean views.  On a per square foot basis, it is priced at $1060 and this home last sold in mid-2008 for $5,175,000.

Two other White Sails homes have recently sold, both about 5000 square feet in size.  2 Gondoliers Bluff sold on November 8 for $4,100,000.  36 Gondoliers Bluff sold just 8 days later for $4,074,000.

Both of these recent sales were sold at prices of about $820 per square foot.  You can draw your own conclusions.....
One last data point - 2 Gondoliers Bluff is a fantastic home, as shown by the photo below:

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Anonymous said...


Ok, this is a fair blog posting you made.

Yes, the other two sales may impact the price per sq.ft.

It appears that older CC homes with views in the lower part are selling in the mid 800's per sq, ft.

(Excluding condos, townhomes)

The custom lots are trending to 1100-1200 per sq. ft.

The data shows that clearly.