Saturday, December 1, 2007

Fanta-sea Listing of the Week

Look at this Laguna Beach property that was just listed. Yes it.... is a ..............cartoon. A $2,800,000 cartoon. As shown, the cartoon shows what a house would look like IF one was built using the approved plans that come with the property, located at 940 Hillcrest Drive, Laguna Beach.
I haven't driven by to see if the property is an empty lot, but the current owner purchased the property in October of 2006 for $1.45 million. Well now, since the seller has approved plans, there must be some added value, right? Of course!
Even though prices in Laguna have been diving, this property is priced at $2.8M!! That's right, those plans must be worth at least $1.35 MILLION DOLLARS! A seller's fantasy land? Time will tell and I'm betting there will be plenty of time to tell as this listing may languish.

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