Monday, January 21, 2008

31401 Holly Street, Laguna Beach - WTF?

This house gets the "Market Chaser" award. Remember back in the 90's there were sellers who just couldn't lower their price, only to reluctantly lower it too late, after the market had gone down yet again? These people slowly reduced their prices but never quite caught up with the market. The result? NO SALE and losses galore.

Well, 31401 Holly Street, Laguna Beach may be firmly going down that road. Listed for over 6 months, the owner recently cut the price from $2,900,000 to $2,700,000. I looked at the house last weekend. OMG is it just awful. The showing agent was quick to point out that it has a yard and a "great" location. The view is good, but that is counteracted by the closeness to PCH, which on Sunday sounded really loud from the house's deck. Not only that, the house needs maintenance badly and remodeling in a big way. And it smells. And it is dirty. And the quality of the decorative detail is not top notch. Not $2M material by a long shot. $1,600,000? Maybe. The way OC home prices are declining and the way Laguna Beach home prices are declining, I wouldn't look for this to sell anytime soon.

Good luck with that.

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LuLu G said...

Now listed at 2.3 million, still smelly, noisy, and dirty.
No one is buying because there's not that kind of value there.