Tuesday, January 15, 2008

685 Nyes Place - Average with a good view

Last Saturday, I stopped into the open house at 685 Nyes Place.
Located high up on the hill, it had an impressive view, but that's about it. This is in the Arch Beach Heights part of town, waaaay up above the Montage Resort.
The kitchen was redone in a half-hearted fashion, with new cabinet fronts stuck on ancient cabinet bodies. The place has a less than inspiring design and really struck me as "cheesy tract home" in feel. Check out that cheesy sandstone slapped around the front door. Why dear, did Frank Lloyd Wright design this one? NOT!

The street out front has heavy traffic and is not flat so it is not very kid friendly. The outside decks hint at needing work, and a coat of new paint is trying to hide it. The house is vacant, so someone really should be motivated to sell.

At a listing price of $1.89 million, the house on 685 Nyes Place, Laguna Beach, strikes me as overpriced. What will it sell for? Given the trend in recent OC home prices, I 'm wondering why it would sell for anything near to the listing price. Get realistic! Good luck seller, you'll need it!


Swim Mistress said...

922 Miramar Street, which is also in Arch Beach Heights just came on the market for $850,000. It's on a better street and in a nice part of that street. Cheapest property up there.

Mr. Blue said...

Swim, many thanks. I'll check it out.