Monday, January 28, 2008

31985 Virginia Way

Here's another retread that didn't sell in 2007. This place was bought for about $930K in 2003. Given property in Laguna has slid backwards to 2004 prices, there's no way this thing is a good deal at the asking price of $1,329,000. The lowest listing price was LESS in 2007 and it didn't even sell at that. Hello, bank, are we reaching? Do you all have calculators over there? Also, the house is located in South Laguna, where things have historically been less expensive.
The wood floors have got some wear and the stone work is kind off odd. There is no garage. There is no master bath. The bedrooms sure are small. PCH and its NOISE are mere feet away. The house feels small.

The extra bedroom with a "full" bath is so small it might as well be a closet. The bathtub is located in a tunnel up above floor level.

Really, the bathtub is in a tunnel.

Inside the house.

Really disappointing.

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Swim Mistress said...

Disappointing? To say the least. It's really redic. Especially if this is a bank-owned. No way are the banks feeling any pressure in Laguna yet.